Thursday, September 21, 2006

New chances for observations

Thursday through Sunday 21-24 September our area gets another round of thunderstorms. A cold front will pass through on Thursday night and Friday and advection of warm moist air keeps going on over northeastern Spain and southern France the days after, with more storms there.

Tonight (Thu-Fri) the best chances for storms are over Spain near the Pyrenees into the Bordeaux area, France. It may yield lots of clouds near Pic du Midi, and also Mont Aigoual will not be free of continuous cloudiness. Toulouse seems to be in a dry spot, good for observation if high-mid level clouds do not spoil it.

Fri-Sat and Sat-Sun the Mediterranean coast (to 100 km inland) between Barcelona and Montpellier has the best chances of storms at night (and day), Pic du Midi may hopefully get a view over them.