Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good start to TLE observation season in Central Europe

Both May and June 2012 have been great for TLE observations in Central Europe. Firstly, there are early May observations from the Czech Republic and from Poland. There are even more reported here, with some of the events captured simultaneously from two different locations.

This lonely column sprite was observed from Gliwice, Poland, on 11 May 2011.

But the night of 18/19 June 2012 has turned into a sprite observing spree at Swider geophysical station (central Poland) which had good view above a large storm sweeping across the north of Poland and the Baltic Sea coast. At least eleven events were recorded between 22:30 and 01 UT and more were missed by the recording system. There were plenty of sprites of all shapes and possibly dancing sprites. There are some examples (please mind the uncertainty of the time displayed on images is likely to be up to 1s, more photo information: A. Odzimek)

A couple of hours earlier sprites were also observed from Nydek. The HRV satellite image with overplotted lightning locations, below, shows how the situation was unfolding at 18 UT (please note the full functionality of this product is only at daytime). Recent images at 3-hour intervals are available from here.

Link to follow TLE observations from Central Europe

PS Update 29 June 2012, added more sprite images.


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