Wednesday, September 07, 2011

TLE observations from the Czech Republic

An enthusiastic observer, Martin Popek has captured numerous TLEs: sprites and even an ELVES in Central Europe from the Czech Republic in the Summer season of 2011. The interest in TLEs and his persistence brought the success for Martin in this year. He uses a proven setup to record the events: a Watec902h2 Ultimate camera + Computar 8mm F1.3 lens and the UFO Capture program. He has published an overview about TLEs in Czech and recently one of his images appeared in the news of He use to report about the events he captures on the web. Below are some nice examples of his records:

A bunch of sprites (26/05/2011)
A lonely wanderer in false colors (07/06/2011)
A large jellyfish sprite event in false colors (27/08/2011)


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