Friday, June 12, 2009

A good start of 2009 sprite observations in Central EU from Sopron

TLE observations in Central EU from Sopron in 2009 has officially started with a very good night last night. There was a rather big thundercloud system above Romania, moving in North-East direction.

This system has been producing sprites all night. UFO capture was triggered 111 times by sprites during the observations from ~ 21:02 UTC until down which means even more individual events (the number of individual sprite events has not been counted yet). Below are some examples:

A sprite with the moon.

More examples

A "good morning" sprite

The hunt continues this night with a smaller thunderstorm above Ukarine and Romania.

Last year's results along with these will be shown on the IAGA General Assembly in Sopron this August ( ), where we will have a rich TLE session as well. I hope to welcome you there. Cheers, Jozsef


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