Friday, November 11, 2005

Sprites 11 November 2005 near the Balearic Islands

Finally, a nice storm complex near the Balearic Islands and no clouds over the camera on Pic du Midi allowed about 5 new sprite events to be captured tonight! The events all seem to have the shape of columns, but the most intense feature long columns with so-called tendrils stretching downward. Below the best images are presented, there are many smaller and weaker sprites in frames bordering the brighter ones, often resembling a "dancing" sequence. Enjoy:

2:56:13 UTC close-up, and wider view (a wonderful event!). Includes the parent lightning flash itself too:

(4 associated return strokes)

2:43:47 UTC:

2:43:46 UTC, a close-up:

2:43:46 UTC, first bright one in sequence:

(the 2:43 event was associated with 16!! return strokes, positive as well as negative)

2:34:13 UTC:

(8 return strokes within short time period around this event)

1:11:31 UTC, in the constellation of Canis Major with brightest star Sirius:

(4 strokes in different locations over several 10s of km)

And the first sprite recorded, at 0:56:46 UTC in the same constellation:

(6 lightning strokes in different locations over several 10s of km, max. 124 kA)

As last image I'd like to show you the daybreak... a thick layer of hoarfrost has grown on the metal observations tower:


Blogger Agnes Mika said...

Hey Ozi! You're great! Congratulations!!! ;-)

November 11, 2005 11:17 am  

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