Saturday, November 12, 2005

12 November: more sprites!

Last night yielded 7 sprites from the thunderstorm complex (above) off the Spanish east coast, southwest of the Balearic Islands! Clouds were partly covering the view during the evening, but during the second half of the night, the camera was often looking over the top of the clouds. The camera was all the time pointed in directions between 160 and 175 degrees (south-southeast).
Below are the images (the oldest at the bottom):

5:02:03 UTC:

4:46:05 UTC:

The two sprite events below happened right in the middle, but I could not find any narrow-field frame that contained close-ups of the sprites, unfortunately:

4:31:19 UTC:

4:27:54 UTC:

3:36:29 UTC:

The first two images were caught when the camera was in 5 degrees downward tilt position instead of upward (oops).

2:27:57 UTC:

2:21:38 UTC:

As you can see, the forms look very similar as those of yesterday. No tall carrot sprites were observed. In addition to those of yesterday, some sprites had more ball structures and diagonal streamers, and the first two sprites had clearly visible coma at their top.


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