Friday, September 30, 2005

Sept 26 Sprites, as seen by the narrow FOV camera

Here are some close-ups of the September 26 sprites. Enjoy!

At 01:49 UT:

At 01:33 UT:

At 01:54 UT:

And my favourite at 03:23 UT:

You can magnify the images by clicking on them.

Monday, September 26, 2005

25/26 September - 21 Sprites from Pic du Midi

During the night thunderstorms formed over the Mediterranean sea, south of the Spanish cost. Unfortunatelly the Puy de Dome camera was out of order. Pic du Midi was covered by clouds up to ~1 UT. After the clouds moved to the south we got excellent viewing conditions and the camera captured 21 sprites - our luckiest night so far!

Here's a map with the location and intensity of lightning discharges from the 26th of Sept. (taken from, since we didn't have Meteorage data). The flashes marked by the purple circles were the sprite-producing ones (from 01 to 04 UT).

A sprite at 01:09 UT:

At 01:25 UT:

A close-up from 03:00 UT (seen by the narrow FOV camera):

And another sprite from 01:49 UT:

Unfortunatelly there's an iron ladder blocking somewhat the view in this direction, you can see it on the left side of the last picture (click to magnify it).