Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Forecast for Tue-Thu 25-27 July

A low pressure area from the Atlantic is approaching Europe, and will generate more and more favourable conditions for large thunderstorm systems these days. For the night of Tue-Wed models indicate some convective activity over the eastern Gulf of Biscay and French coast, and also farther away over Bretagne. The night of Wed-Thu looks very promising. One or a few mesoscale convective systems should grow over the western half of France and produce sprites, so let's hope the viewing and operating conditions for our cameras will be optimal. The night of Thu-Fri, storm activity shifts a bit to the east. Later GFS model runs still forecast storms (mesoscale systems likely) for central France, which is more westward than earlier model runs indicated.

We will have the camera on Pic du Midi running, the Toulouse team will go to Mont Aigoual on Wednesday (in the south of the Massif Central), while Joan Montanya from Barcelona will do his first optical observations from his instrumented tower in the eastern Pyrenees.


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