Saturday, July 01, 2006

The 2006 camera setup.

Again this year a team from the Danish National Space Center setup a camera system on the rooftop of the “observatoire Midi Pyrénées” (Pic du Midi).

The system is quite similar than the one we ran last year.
It constists of:

- Two low-light cameras.
( One mounted with a 16 mm lens. (22° Field of View), the other mounted with a 25 mm lens. (7° Field of View ))
- A photometer.
- A GPS unit.

The instruments are mounted in a weather proof housing on the top on a pan-tilt unit that allows for the pointing within 360° of azimuth and about 80° of elevation.

All instruments are connected to a PC. The PC can record the data and include a trigger software for automated event detection, its clock is maintained accurate using the GPS unit. The all system is designed to be remotely controlled by the Internet.

The system is now up and running.


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