Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Forecast: 15-17 July new chances for observations

Last weekend there were good conditions for thunderstorms over southern France, but cloudy conditions on the 'big' day Sunday, with many thunderstorms to the northeast of Pic du Midi were not favourable to observing. An attempt was made to observe last Saturday night from Toulouse and Lannemezan, but the storm actually moved from Lannemezan straight to Toulouse with a lot of cloudiness.

The next good opportunity appears this weekend. The night of 15-16 July (Sunday to Monday) the ensemble-forecast model plume gives a rise in convective precipitation over southwestern France and the Bay of Biscay, while the night after that the front has moved further into France with storms deeper inland. After the 17th, chances decrease again for the southwestern region, but theybecome good for the SPARTAN team in Poland.

Update 12/7: Thunderstorm conditions may improve already by Saturday evening to the north and west of the camera in Sniezka, Poland, with some luck.
Other news: the camera on Corsica will hopefully be installed on a mountain top by helicopter on Monday, 16th.


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