Sunday, September 10, 2006

A stormy week ahead!

Some news!
You didn't see the catch made by our head of the project, Torsten Neubert, but he caught 11 sprites in the night of 17-18 August.
Now we finally get into the good weather pattern again. These days there have already been thunderstorms over France and Spain, but a bit unorganized. This should change starting Monday.

Monday-Tuesday: thunderstorms along the southwest coast mostly, should be more organized/long lived than last few days. Mont Aigoual should stay clear. Let's hope so too for Pic du Midi.

Tuesday also southwest France but maybe better, the east coast of Spain! Mont Aigoual and eastern Pyrenees will have low cloud base heights, however, so we must hope we get clear skies most of the time...

Wednesday something really big is forecast by GFS model, ahead of the serious upper trough, with most of France and northern Spain getting very dynamic storms in the evening. However for the Thu 00-06 UTC timespan, Mont Aigoual gets the absolute Hotspot of Precipitation of France, with more than 40mm! Continuing even into 12 UTC. ECMWF and UKMO models seem a bit slower with the cold front.

Remaining storms at the Mediterranean Sea for the night of Thu-Fri, when the cameras will be behind the cold front. Probably cloudy then but who knows.

Fri-Sat night, storms over the Mediterranean, close to Spain and Corsica, low pressure area near Mallorca (GFS) or Corsica (ECMWF - but strong upper trough over Spain). This will continue for a few days.

It really looks like a week with many potentially good days! Let's hope this also goes for clear skies over all of the camera sites...


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