Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sprite!! Night 16-17 August!

Less than an hour ago, at 2306 UT (1:06 local time), one sprite was caught over northeastern Spain by the Pic du Midi camera, and it was very close to the camera!

Here is the original image for you:

The image has been recorded by the wide field camera (32 degrees) which was pointed in this direction 5 minutes before the sprite happened: 2005-08-16 23:01:06 : Pan: 159.9 Tilt: 28.8 degrees (the true values are slightly different). The sprite must have appeared the angular size of your fist if you stick it out at arms length!
A +24.5 kA lightning flash was detected at the same time, at 41.99 N and 0.83 E. The 10.2 degrees narrow-field camera captured a part of the lower branches. In order to get a possible new sprite centered in both views, I adjusted the camera to a higher tilt and more to the left, but it got cloudy in the minutes right after the sprite, unfortunately.


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