Friday, October 26, 2007

Sprites in August and September, SE- France

August was quite a poor month this year for sprites. September was a bit better.
Here are two images that have not been posted yet, taken from Pic du Midi August 29-30, with storms over southeastern France. You can also see the 'sea of clouds' lit by the moonlight.

Also Joan Montanya operated his camera in the eastern Pyrenees, and got 3 sprites. Five sprites were caught by him the night after (30-31 August).

In the night of September 17-18, 10 sprites were captured by the camera at Pic du Midi operated by Olivier and me, in just the half hour between 21:25 UT and 22:02 UT. They were caught with the camera view fixed to one direction, but appear at the left side. As the images from Pic du Midi are not very beautiful, let's save the space for nicer images. Here is a satellite image of the storms.


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